Joyce Richman Says Focus On Your Skills Not Your Competitor's

9:05 AM, Nov 9, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- When you're going out on job interviews Career Consultant Joyce Richman says don't dwell on the competition.  You can sell yourself to an employer if you don't have a college eduction.

A lot of people call Joyce saying they're worried they can't compete against people who have college educations, because they don't have a formal education.

Richman says, "If you are going to community college and you are upgrading your skill sets; if you are apprenticing and expanding your knowledge base; if you continuously demonstrate curiosity and learning, you are open to different ways of taking in information. If you are just determined that you are going to be relevant and you do what it takes to be relevant. That's what you sell. That's your competitive edge and that puts you ahead of any one who's had a college education for 20 years and haven't done anything about it.

Remember you can read Joyce Richman's latest career advice in Sunday's Triad Career section of the News and Record.

Joyce Richman

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