Joyce Richman One Minute Career Check

8:14 AM, Nov 3, 2011   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - When you're going out on job interviews, your age shouldn't discourage you.  In today's One Minute Career Check, Consultant Joyce Richman tells us with age comes experience.

Do you say this often?  "I'm afraid that I'm being discriminated against because of my age."  Richman says many people come up to her with that same concern.  

Joyce says turn this frame around and think of the benefits to a company, you being the age that you are

"Flexibility, you are for more flexible than when younger because you don't have child care issues and you don't have elderly care issues.  You are probably far less judgmental and far more open with many varieties of people and backgrounds than you ever where when you were younger because you're wiser now.  You're more experienced and you learned how to build bridges to people instead of taking them down.  You've also learned how to move through change. Because you've gone through so many changes with so many organizations that instead of being thrown by it, you are that still center, that piece of stability so so when other people are all ruffled around you, you are sure, you are steady and they look to you for your leadership, your management, for your wisdom," said Richman.

In short, use your age as a positive and urge companies to hire you for those reasons.

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