KWTK: What Is The Biggest Bug?

4:27 PM, Dec 13, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- The subject of Today's Kids Want To Know question has spurred more "B" movies than you and I can count.

"Hi, my name is Malachi Guston. And my question is what is the biggest bug on the earth?"

Decades ago a kid asked that question and we got the classic giant bug movies of the 50's like "The Beginning Of The End"  with giant grasshoppers. "The Fly" and "Them!" with it's
atomic testing that went wrong and turned every ant into giants.

Now that I've given you some Friday night movie rentals how about we get a look at the biggest bugs that really walk this earth? Rick Bolling from the Greensboro Science Center does the honors.

You can look at weight, you can look at body length and you can look at wing span.
"I've got several examples hear to show you, one of the largest bugs because of his size and its weight is called the Goliath Beetle from Africa. As you can see they can get nearly three inches in body length and believe it or not this animal can fly too."

In many other countries there are some much larger insects as far as in body length and that would be some of the stick insects like Nguni. Of course they get their names stick insect because they look like sticks and that when the wings are folded up the can camouflage real easily.

"Then we can move into widest wing span and the largest mouth is actually called the Atlas mouth they could have a wind span of almost twelve inches of cross."







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