Kids Want To Know: How Broken Bones Heal

6:34 PM, Dec 9, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- It's a rite of passage, especially for a kid.

You break a bone and you get a cast that all your friends get to sign. Once the novelty wears off, which is quick, the itching begins and you want it off.
That could be why Alexander asked this kids want to know question, "how are bones healed when they have been broken?"

The human body has 206 bones.
Interestingly enough, the collarbone is the most commonly broken bone among children.
Arms account for almost half of all adult broken bones.

Doctor Michael Handy, an orthopaedic trauma specialist with Cone Health  explains how those breaks heal. And believe it or not, here's why Mom says you should eat your veggies!

"When a bone tries to heal after breaking it needs two things one is biology, so good blood supply, nutrition and the other is mechanical stability."

Mechanical stability can be provide by either a cast or a brace or this can be done through surgery by implants, plates and screws or intramedullary nails that go through the center of the bone.

"We can also use external fixtures or other devices that just hold the bone still while it goes on to heals. During the internal phase of bone healing we watch on x-ray as a cloud begins to form and this is disorganized bone or what we call fracture callus."

Over time this fracture callus remolds and turns into mature bone that looks like your bone before it broke. The entire process for bone healing takes six weeks in most cases.







































































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