Kids Want To Know: Fishing Cats

1:50 PM, Oct 25, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, N.C. -- Today's kids want to know question comes from a child curious about cats.

Logan asked, "Why can the swimming cat swim and the other cats can't?"

2 Wants to Know tried to get the answer and found out they're actually called Fishing Cats, not swimming cats. So, with that in mind, Kelly Rauch, zookeeper in the SciQuarium of the Greensboro Science Center, explained a little more about them.

She said, "They have a lot of adaptations for swimming, because they come from the Marshy regions of Southeast Asia, where the food sources are limited to frogs and fish. They learned to adapt to swim to get what they need to eat. 

"Some of their cool adaptations are: they have smaller ears that help them move through the water easier, they have a tail that acts like a boat rudder, and they have webbed toes. But they're not actually the only cats that swim. All cats can swim, but tigers and jaguars often swim like fishing cats, too."

Tallulah, the Science Center's Fishing Cat, can be seen swimming a few times a week, usually in the late afternoon at the Greensboro Science center.

Don't forget, if your child has a question, you can upload the video on our website by clicking here. We'll take their question to get answered.

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