2WTK: How Many Stripes Does A Tiger Have?

5:08 PM, Sep 27, 2013   |    comments
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Courtesy: Getty Images

Greensboro, NC -- Ready to get up close with a REALLY big cat?

Tyler asked this week's Kids Want To Know Question, "How many stripes does a tiger have?"

Zoo Keeper Rachel Campbell at the Greensboro Science Center says, 'The stripes were built to fit a niche into the wild where their prey can not see color so the strips kind of build camouflage for tigers so they can hide better."

Get this, if you shaved the tiger, you would see their stripes are actually on their skin too!

"There are five different species of tigers each one is different in size so there is not one number that compares across the board total for stripes per tiger. "

Here's another piece of information, what also counts is what do you define as a stripe? Rachel explains, "If you can see here on axle he's got individual stripes but then he's got two stripes that will come together. On his forehead there is a couple that will form one design so are you going to count those individually or as one big stripe."

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