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How Do Cell Phones Work? And Why Do They Call It A Cell?

5:15 PM, Sep 3, 2013   |    comments
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Kernersville, NC -- You use it more than you use your car. Chances are you don't have cash in your pocket, but you have "it" in your pocket.

Yes, your cell phone. Six-year-old Rylan asks, "How do cell phones work?"

One of News 2's engineers, we call him Professor Lee, answered the question. To explain, Lee used walkie talkie's to show how it used to be one line of communication. Either talking or listening. The cell phone then allowed us to do both, it's kinda like taping the two walkie talkie's together (which is what Lee did just for fun)!

When you're talking on a cell phone, you're not just talking from one phone to another. You're really talking to a cell tower, which then talks to a land line, which then finds another cell tower, which then talks to the cell phone.

WEB EXTRA: Professor Lee breaks down why we call it a "cell"

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