Kids Want To Know: Where Are The Dinosaurs?

4:16 PM, Jun 21, 2013   |    comments
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Asheboro, NC -- Madison, a student at Union Cross Elementary asked today's Kids Want to Know question. She wanted to know where dinosaur bones are mostly found.

We turned to Steve Gerkin, Programs Coordinator at the NC Zoo for the answer. He said, "In North Carolina, dinosaur fossils are found primarily near the coast. [...] Most of the fossils that we find are from plants and animals in the water because at the time of the dinosaurs, North Carolina was under water!"

In terms of other states, Gerkin said, "The United States is a great place to look, especially out west, in the bad lands and the deserts. As a matter of fact, one of the largest T-Rex fossils ever found was found in North America! [...] China is another place to see them, and even in Argentina!"

Gerkin had much more to say about fossils in our country. To watch the interview, click play in the video window.

The North Carolina Zoo has a dinosaur exhibit up now through October 31st. You can see the dinosaurs, visit the paleontologist tent, and even find fossils in the kids fossil dig! 

Parents, don't forget you can upload video here of your child asking a question, and we'll get it answered for you!

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