Kids Want To Know: Carson Baker From Kernerville Wants To Know How Are Bricks Made?

6:20 PM, Jun 14, 2013   |    comments
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It's summer, but the kids are still asking questions! This week's 2 Wants To Know question came from Carson Baker in Kernersville. He asked: how are bricks made?

Part of the answer includes an oven that fires at 2,000 degress.

2 Wants To Know went to Pine Hall Brick in Madison to get the answer.   

Pine Hall Brick said making brick is part art and part science. The company starts by taking ground up clay and mixing it with water. It is then formed and cut into individual units. Then it is put into individual units so it can go through a drying process (to take out all the water).

Workers put it in the kiln about the length of the football field and they start slowly raising the temperature from 400-degrees to 2,000-degrees. Once it reached that temperature, they fuse the material together.

It can take as little as 36 hours for Pine Hall Brick to make a brick.

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