Smart Water Is A Crime Deterrent Solution

7:00 PM, Nov 5, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- Writing down serial numbers, engraving your name on your electronics is old school. Even if you are using that method for your possessions right now, do you have EVERYTHING logged, with pictures and in a safe place? Probably not.

2 Wants To Know went searching for a "today" solution. We found, well, a solution:Smart Water.

Smart Water is a water based crime deterrent made up of 26 earth metals. Each bottle has a different mixture making it unique to you and your stuff. Smart Water is what's called a forensically encoded liquid. "Depending on how we use those elements we create a one in a billionth signature that protects assets. It allows police for the first time ever an identification of that particular asset. It could be your diamond ring, your rolex watch or a manhole cover, " says Smart Water Company President Logan Pierson.

You don't see or smell the odorless and colorless liquid, unless you use a black light. That's really the beauty of Smart Water. All of your items can be protected by Smart Water, and the bad guys don't have to know it.

You don't need to coat your belongings with Smart Water, just a dab will do. It doesn't rub off and only a microscopic amount needs to be left on the item for it to be picked up and for your Smart Water. So when your stolen items are found, there will be no question who they belong too.

"Whether you've marked a product like this or your skin, Smart Water identifies you with 100% accuracy." The Smart Water doesn't rub off and only washes off if you exfoliate. But scrub good, bad guys! Even a microscopic amount can be used against you!

It's so accurate, the UK based company claims every Brittish court case with Smart Water evidence has ended in a conviction.

Logan says Smart Water is a topic of conversation in jail. He says word gets around and if bad guys see these stickers on business or home windows or see the street signs they stay away.

"If you have it, it's great. If you and your neighbor have it, it's better. if you and all the neighbors have it, it's even better because people tend to avoid your entire community."

Right now, in the United States, Smartwater is only being used by police departments in South Florida. But it is spreading.
You don't have to wait for your police department to use the technology, you can buy your own.

A home starter kit is about $100.

Smart Water is the invention of two brothers, one a chemist the other a retired police officer. You can read more about the history on their website.

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