2 Test: Is Walgreens Charging You The Right Price?

5:08 PM, Sep 5, 2013   |    comments
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The Missouri Attorney General is suing Walgreens. He says some of the chain's stores have been charging customers higher prices than the stickers show. 2 Wants To Know wanted to see if any North Carolina Walgreens had the same problem. So we did a little shopping.

3 Triad stores checked. 67 sale items purchased. And when we compared the price tags to our receipts, 6 out of 67 items didn't match. With at least one error at each location, the total over-charge amount was $13.99.

The problem purchases all had tags showing an expired sale date. The promotions ended August 31. But the signs were still up when 2 Wants To Know went shopping four days later on September fourth.

"They gotta sell it to you at the price it's advertised. The lowest advertised price," state inspection supervisor Wayne Compton said.

2 Wants To Know took pictures of the tags to Compton. He says it's clearly against regulation for us to be charged full price when a sticker still shows a sale - even expired ones.

"Because it's still displayed at that price, they should sell it to you at that price," he said.

Walgreens refunded the difference at each location - but only after 2 Wants To Know pointed out the tag and the receipt didn't match.

The inspector says overall our findings are pretty typical of all retail chains. About 1 in 10 places his office checks have some pricing problems. But he cautions when there is an issue, it's usually an innocent employee error.

Walgreens employees tell 2 Wants To Know it's really hard to get all those tags changed quickly, and they're thankful when people bring it to their attention. Walgreens wouldn't talk to us camera but a corporate official said they didn't have anything else to add.

There was one other item where the price tag and register didn't match: nail trimmers. The store actually sold them to us 10 cents cheaper than advertised.

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