What The Scoop! Consumer Reports Tests Ice Cream Scoops

6:32 PM, Jun 14, 2013   |    comments
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When you eat ice cream at home, you could just use the single spoon method, but you probably use an ice cream scoop.
And not all scoops are created equal. Consumer Reports tested ice cream scoops that say they're designed to be easier for you.

Consumer Reports' Shopsmart tried out four ice cream scoops: Oxo Good Grips Scoop with a lever, Anti-freeze Scoop from Crate & Barrel. Also this Zeroll Original Tubmate Spade and, an electric ice cream scoop from Deni.

Tester Linda Greene tasked panelists with a very "difficult" job - scooping out ice cream, really dense ice cream. Panelists appreciated the lever on Oxo's scoop, but that was about it.

Crate & Barrel's scoop looks like a traditional scoop, but the handle is filled with liquid, which apparently your hand is supposed to warm. That hopefully makes the ice cream easier to scoop.

The paddle scoop from Zerroll got the job done, but it's a bit large for pint-sized containers.

Turns out the electric ice cream scoop was the easiest to use, but it was also the priciest at $33! It's kind of big and some panelists found the electric cord cumbersome.

No matter which scoop you use, it's the ice cream that really matters. Consumer Reports' latest tests of chocolate and vanilla ice cream found Häagen-Dazs and Ben & Jerry's still rule!

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