Consumer Alert: The Elaborate Scheme At The Gas Pump

5:52 PM, Apr 29, 2013   |    comments
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Postal Inspectors got a tip to search a hotel room after a suspect was arrested with several stolen credit cards. What they found was more than what they expected.

"We opened the door there was a spotting scope with a video camera pointed out the window," says USPS Inspector Dan Taylor.

The camera was pointing at a gas station where the suspect in custody had placed a skimming device on a pump.

"He recorded 40 hours worth of transactions and he was also logging pin numbers as he was watching his victims."

The suspect had all the magnetic strip information on each credit card along with the numbers, the perfect storm for identity theft.

"Many times what these id thieves are after is quick cash, with counterfeit credit cards we see a lot of cash advances basically bleed the card for every bit it is worth."

Gas pumps are often a target. "If it looks right - first of all - don't use it." Secondly, report it right away. "Many times the scammers are keeping close surveillance on their skimming device. If law enforcement can be notified maybe we can catch them in the act."

Postal Inspectors say it is so important to protect your credit and banking information. "This guy took extraordinary measures to get the information, it just shows the determination some criminals have and they will do anything to steal your money."


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