Schewels Leaves 2WTK Speechless With Their Generous Offer

7:50 PM, Nov 18, 2013   |    comments
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ALAMANCE COUNTY, NC -- TV people are rarely speechless. But a local company's generous offer really left us without any word except, "generous".

It all centers around a 3-year-old black washing machine. It stopped working. No problem. The Schewels extended warranty means free fixes.

But three repair attempts failed. The customer wanted a new washer but Schewels didn't have her model in her color anymore.

Vaughn McCrawl, the store manager says they offered her a new matching washer and dryer set. It was white and .4 cubic feet smaller, thats about 1% smaller than her old one.

That's when she called 2 Wants To Know Call for Action.

Her warranty did not require Schewels to give her a new washer, let alone a new set. Their offer, we thought, was reasonable. When we called Shewels to confirm the deal they offered even more!

"What she wanted was even better model and we could still accommodate her I just explained to her that she would have to pay the difference in price. Schewel's looks at the customer. They take their interest and they try to do everything they can to accommodate them within reason."

Schewels definitely met and exceeded a a consumer's reasonable expectation to resolve the issue.















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