The Number One Complaint? Landlord Tenant Issues

6:43 PM, Nov 12, 2013   |    comments
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 PDF Document: LandlordTenantLetter

GREENSBORO, NC -- The 2 Wants To Know Call For Action  team has worked hundreds of cases. The number one complaint? Landlord and tenant disputes.

Marie McCandless heads up our trained volunteers. She says, between mold issues, bug issues, and repair issues, landlord and tenant problems take up a lot of time.

There are a few key points to making headway on these kinds of issues.

#1 Keep Paying Your Rent

"When you pay your rent, you're holding up your part of the lease. If you stop paying rent, the law sees you as the one who is at fault in the agreement not your landlord despite what fixes they need to make."

Getting your landlord to fix whatever is wrong is key. Most folks think a call to the TV station will do it.

#2 Put Your Complaint In Writing 

Call for Action follows protocols. "Whether mold, bugs or repairs, you need to put your complaint and expectation in writing to your landlord. When you put something in writing it makes it official. When you call no one can track that. But a letter is seen as official notification."

Call for Action has a sample letter you can fill out. It is attached as a PDF to this story. 

"After the letter is mailed, give the landlord 10 days to respond with their plan to fix the problem. If you get no response, your next step is to call a building inspector."

But know this, if the conditions are bad enough for condemning the property, you'll have to be prepared to move out right away."



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