Contract Confusion Takes A Bite Out Of Man's Patience

6:50 PM, Nov 4, 2013   |    comments
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LEXINGTON, N.C. -- $700. It's not the kind of money most of us have lying around. A News 2 viewer hired a company and paid them $700 to fix a really nasty bed bug problem.The treatment worked at first but homeowner says they came biting back. Was the company living up to it's agreement? Call for Action got to the bottom of the contract confusion.

85-year-old Gilbert Massey says, "I hated to lay down at night because I was getting bit so bad my head was broke out so bad my doctor gave me like antibiotic for the sores on my head."

Bed bugs made Gilbert's bed - and his grandson's bed -  their new home. So Gilbert hired  HomeTeam Pest to treat both rooms. That was in May.

Gilbert says by July, the biting bugs were back, but HomeTeam Pest wasn't despite two phone calls in August and two in September. Gilber says, "They didn't come out until the action line had spoken with them."

HomeTeam Pest says they have no record of Gilbert calling.

"Usually when a service call is requested we have people at the office who will actually go into the customers account - it goes in with a time and a date and usually a note about why the customer is calling," Kim Reynolds of HomeTeam said.

But Reynolds thinks she knows what caused confusion over service. Instead of using the bed bug agreement, workers gave Gilbert a general service agreement and didn't specify in writing the number of visits which is only two - one for treatment and one for follow-up.

"We felt like we would honor what he thought the service entailed," she said. "And so we went back and made sure he was receiving what he thought he was going to get."

The lesson here is to avoid your own contract confusion. Make sure you understand everything you're entitled to and that it's in writing.

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