Need Help With A Complaint? It's Not Magic, It's Asking For the Manager

5:14 PM, Sep 23, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- We've all been there. We buy something and much sooner than we'd stops working. And if only we knew the magic phrase to get a replacement. "Please and thank you" like mom and dad taught us don't seem to do the trick. Our Call For Action team doesn't pull rabbits out of hats, but we know how to get to the one who does.

2 Wants to Know viewer bought an Amana washing machine from Best Buy, and two months later it stopped working. After a month of going back and forth and not one - but two - failed fixes later --- he still got just suds, no agitation. The agitated viewer asked Call For Action for help.

He wanted a new washer but the manufacturer's warranty only covered parts and labor. Call For Action called Best Buy to see what could be done. The Best Buy manager told us some stores have different policies than manufacturers. And in this case, Chris Reilly says,"My dad used to say 'Just because you can doesn't mean you should.' Yeah we could but how would I feel? And what we try telling our employees 'If this was your mother and this washer went bad, how would you want us as a retailer to honor your mom?'"

Best Buy replaced the washer - with a better model. The secret? It wasn't magic - and it wasn't our call letters. It was asking for the manager - the top person in charge.

Chris Reilly from Best Buy offers this other suggestion. He says, "We know it's not always easy when something goes wrong. When the refrigerator goes out in the middle of night. What are you going to do. If you approach it with, 'Hey I read the warranty, and I know this is what you're supposed to do but I was wondering if there's a way you could try to meet me in the middle and here's kind of what I'd be looking for.'"

Other tips:

  • It's also a good idea to have a copy of the warranty.
  • And have a written record of the steps you've taken to remedy the situation. 
  • Make sure you include the dates you've called and the name of the person you spoke with.

If you do all that and still can't solve the problem, we're here to help.


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