Call For Action Helps Family Cut Through Red Tape For Refund From KMART

5:26 PM, Aug 19, 2013   |    comments
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Clemmons, NC - It's a frustrating feeling, knowing you're owed money from a company, but red tape and the runaround are keeping you from getting it.

Call For Action helped one area family cut through that red tape with just a few phone calls. And because we knew who to ask for, they're walking away with $110.

It all started back in April when the Rice family put some home decorations on layaway at KMART. They made two payments, but then forgot to pay third installment on-time in May. The store policy was that the merchandise was restocked, but the Rices would get most of their money back.

The family says they spent six weeks going around and around with the store trying to get their refund before contacting us for help. We called the store manager, and the Rices got their money within the week.

The key to getting that refund is that we asked to speak with the manager and kept calling back until we got through. Don't just leave voicemails. Actually talking with the person in charge will greatly improve your chances of success.

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