3 Years Of Complaints With Lowe's Solved With One Letter

5:25 PM, Aug 12, 2013   |    comments
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MEBANE, NC -- A Mebane man says he bought carpet for his living room three years ago, but it is still not down in place. At one time there was new carpet in the Kimble's living room. But a few months after buying it from Lowe's Home Improvement, David Kimble says the carpet bubbled up in the middle.

David went back and forth for years with the store, but Call for Action helped David complain the right way. Now a solution is in the works.

When the carpet was removed - you could see piles of dirt. It's in the same place where the backing of the fabric started coming off.

"The installer looked at it and he said that's the backing come off of the carpet. The carpet is falling apart. Something's wrong with the carpet," David said.

Turns out it wasn't put in right. David says Lowe's told the installer to tack down and stretch the carpet. Really it should of been glued down and not stretched. David called the store and asked for the carpet to be replaced, but Lowe's said they would only pay for half of the $2600 bill - leaving the family to roll out another $1300.

"I can't afford to pay that kinda money out again," David said.

Call For Action encouraged David to put his complaint in writing. A letter to the Area Manager detailed his problem and mentions he asked us for help. Two days later, Lowe's agreed to pay for the full price of the replacement.

"I think they were going to fight me. And I believe strongly that by talking to you folks and putting it in writing that gave me some clout," he said.

A corporate spokesperson for Lowe's tells us they apologize to David and are working with him to resolve any concerns.

Seems like everything getting taken care of, right? Not so fast. David said the new carpet Lowe's brought showed defects before even being installed. So he's waiting to hear back for another new installation date.

If you're going to write a letter like David's to a company about your problem -- here's some key things it should include:

  • No 6-page letters. Make it brief and to the point.
  • Include all the facts about your purchase: dates, serial numbers, model description.
  • Be clear about your expectations: what you want  done and how long you're willing to wait.
  • Be reasonable.
  • Include copies of all your documents.
  • And last but not least, be nice. You want them to help you, so keep that in mind. Sarcastic, rude or threatening letters don't help.


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