Bogus Craigslist Ad Leads To Stranger Knocking At Door, Wanting Free Stuff

5:13 PM, Aug 5, 2013   |    comments
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Guilford County, NC -- It all started with a knock at the door. When a local couple opened the door, the person on the other side said they were ready to load up the free stuff. What? The stranger pulled out a laptop with a Craigslist ad --- and sure enough there it was - an ad for a moving party at their address. But the couple says they didn't post that message, and had no idea what the stranger was talking about.

The ad said people should bring a truck to load up all the stuff -- for free-- because the whole shabang had to go. A lot could've been taken from the Stevers' home, Outside they have rocking chairs, pots, tables, a pocket hose, and even a satellite dish.

"I never in my wildest dreams envisioned I had an enemy that was that crazy to do something like that. It's just bewildering that Craigslist can post an ad anonymously and we have no recourse," David Stevers said.

The Stevers contacted Craigslist about the bogus post, and it came down the next day. But they weren't taking any chances, and actually cancelled a vacation to stay home just in case anyone else showed up for this so-called moving party.

They also tried reaching out to Craigslist for help in finding out who posted the ad. The site representative said they couldn't find out who posted the ad without a warrant or subpoena.

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