Who Pays For Neighbor's Preventative Tree Trimming?

5:39 PM, Jul 1, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC - Maxine Malabre worries about her safety.

"I can't sleep at night, and I've done had to go to the doctor about my nerves," she said.

It's all about her neighbor's tree which has limbs hanging over into her property - touching the roof above her bedroom. She's worries it might come down in a storm causing damage.

2 Wants To Know asked Bill's Tree Service to take a look at it. The company's owner says the tree is healthy. He recommends cutting lower branches on two trees for about $250.

"The lower limbs definitely need to come off of it. Because right now they're laying on the shingles which can cause a lot of damage when the wind blows," Bill Lyon said.

So who has to pay? A representative from the Independent Insurance Agents of North Carolina says most insurance plans won't cover the cost because it's considered maintenance to trim the trees.

However if Maxine waits until the tree damages the roof, it's likely her insurance would cover at least some of the repairs. But remember -- they're worried about safety here - so they want to get rid of those branches ASAP. And that means they'll pay.

If you can get your neighbors to cover the costs or split it, great, but they're not required to. Bottom line, you're the one who's going to spend some green to get that greenery cut down or hope your insurance company pays for the damage later.

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