Avoid Sour Taste: Know These Lemon Law Loopholes

5:22 PM, Jun 18, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- One of the most common calls to our Call For Action team relates to cars and lemon laws. And the lemon law rules are very specific. You have to have a problem with a part that's covered by the manufacturer's warranty, before the warranty expires. That doesn't necessarily mean it's something that keeps you from driving the car.

Here's something really important. Your car has to be repaired for the exact same problem at least four times. It can't be the radio one time, And the seat belt one time. And then a transmission problem. And then the power window. It has to be one problem all four times.

The problem also has to occur in the first 24 months or the first 24,000 miles -- which ever comes first. If the manufacturer can't fix your car, they either have to buy it back or give you a new one. And get this, you decide.

To learn more about the lemon law visit the North Carolina Department of Justice website.

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