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Two Wants to Know Warns You About Old Cons Returning

5:51 PM, Jun 12, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Your phone rings. The person on the other end says they're from the federal government and they are offering you a grant for home improvements or for a car. Jarvis Fann of Summerfield got one of those calls. "I had $10,000 spent out before the conversation ended."

But then, Jarvis says, "She need my bank account number or debit account number to transfer the money to me, and I got kind of suspicious about it."

The North Carolina Attorney General's office is suspect too. They have a whole page on their website about government grant schemes.

The grandparent scheme is once again making the rounds too. A grandmother from Lewisville got a call two weeks ago. Joyce Walker says, "A young man called and said. 'This is your grandson. I was worried and I know all their voices, and I said which one? And he said, Don't you recognize me? And I said, Which one? And he said, Michael. And I have no grandchildren named Michael.'"

Joyce asked more questions and made the caller give the information. That is key. But what if she did have a grandson named Michael? What if the schemer guessed right? Again the key-- ask specific questions that only the real grandchild could answer.


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