Have A Landlord Issue? Here's How Call For Action Could Help

4:23 PM, Jun 12, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC --  Call For Action gets a lot of calls about landlord issues. Depending on the concern, we connect people with housing code enforcement divisions or with the landlord tenant resolution departments. These folks work every day to make sure renters are safe and their rights are protected. They say solving any problem starts with one thing - let your landlord know about the problem in writing.

Our second step is following your city or county's complaint process. It's different from town to town, look at the related links on this story to find out what you should do.

There are two other main points here: Always pay your rent. If you don't, you're breaking your contract. And you are the one seen at fault. It doesn't seem fair, but this the rule.

Second, if inspectors find a housing code violation that extremely threatens the health or safety of a renter - like no heat in the winter the landlord is required to give them housing somewhere else until the problem's fixed - at no extra cost to the renter. That's what the statute says - but legislators didn't give the law any teeth. So some landlords might put you in a new apartment right away - while another landlord might make you pay for a hotel now and reimburse you later.

Winston-Salem Landlord-Tenant Disputes
Winston-Salem Code Enforcement or call 311
Greensboro Code Compliance
Greensboro Landlord-Tenant Dispute Program

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