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Homeowner Has Issue With Great Spaces Company, Calls 2 Wants To Know

3:08 PM, May 16, 2013   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- Clinton and Annie Gillespie say they've waited and waited for their contractor to seal their new fence as promised. Now six months later, it's time to draw a line in the sand - or grass in this case - ringing Call For Action about the unfinished fence.

"I'm almost in tears because it's hurtful. We trusted her!" Annie said.

The "her" is Debra Raker of Great Spaces. The couple hired Great Spaces back in September, paying for the work in full - about $4,500. According to the contract, Great Spaces was supposed to build the fence then put a protective seal on it. The Gillespies say that didn't happen. They claim they tried texting and calling but haven't heard from Raker since January when they picked out a color sample.

"It makes you lose trust in people who give you their word. You're word is your bond. If someone tell you they going to do something, you expect for them to do that," Annie said.

2 Wants to Know tried to talk with Debra Raker. We called, texted and even went to her last known address, leaving a note with our contact information. She never responded.

Court records show the Gillespies aren't alone in their frustration with Raker. Another family sued her and won. They said she took their money, but didn't install their cabinets. They hired a private detective to track her down.

Meanwhile the Gillespies aren't sure if they should stake a claim against her in court, but they do know never again to fully pay for a job before it's finished.

"We learnt the hard way. Money that's paid for a job and the job's not done. It just breaks your heart," Annie said.

We'll keep looking, but right now Debra Raker -- is nowhere to be found.

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