Most Of The People Who Died Of Flu Didn't Get The Shot

6:08 PM, Jan 23, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC --  Every Thursday the state releases it's latest flu report. 2WTK went looking for the information not included in the report.

This week's report includes information and numbers that go through January 18th. As of that date, 33 people had died due to flu.

But the number is really at least 34. A child in Alamance County died Tuesday, January 21st. And more victims could be out there and not reported out there.

At least one person in NC died from the flu every single week since mid-November 2013. Some weeks there have been 5 and 6 deaths.

Here is what you won't find released in the regular weekly report. Of the 34 people who died, the state only knows the flu shot status for 26 of them.

Of those 26 -- only two got the flu shot. The other 24 did not.
You might wonder why the shot didn't protect the two people who got the shot. A Department of Health and Human Services spokesperson told 2WTK that they are now looking into the timing of those shots. The people may not have gotten the shot in enough time to protect them.

You see, it takes 2 weeks to form the flu antibodies a lot of times people are confused by that. When you feel aches, headache and maybe a low grade fever, that is the body process building those antibodies.

The flu season technically sticks around until May.
So if you act now at least you'll be protected from February to May.








And if you think the flu is only for the very young or the very old,  

that's not what the numbers are showing.
Of the 33 deaths in our state 15 people were between the ages of 25 and 49.

Again, the child from Alamance County isn't in these numbers.
And there could be others who've died from the flu who haven't been reported yet.

So health experts warn, anyone older than six months old, you should get the flu shot. Not only for you, but also for the people around you  like those infants who can't get the shot.








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