Schemers Using Car Accidents To Get Your Money

6:18 PM, Jan 22, 2014   |    comments
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Phoenix, AZ -- Just when you thought the bad guys couldn't get any lower. The latest scheme to be making the rounds preys on your emotions.

The gimmick is your loved ones or friends are in danger and the situation is believable at first.

"He said 'hello', I said 'hi who is this'. He said 'there's been a car accident, do you have some family in the area?'

The caller then told her there were three cars involved: a white one, a silver one and a black one. All common vehicle colors and somewhat believable.

The next part can change depending on who is doing the call, but the gist is, the person your friend hit is part of a gang or the mob. To not be in trouble with these people,  your friend needs some money.

"I could see how somebody caught up in that moment would definitely go along with it."

The couple who got this call didn't fall for the scheme.
They googled the number and found it's related to a scheme.
The 978 number can be traced to Massachusetts.
But there was just a busy signal when they tried to call back.

The couple called police, but there was no crime.
So no report. What you should do is call the Attorney Generals' office.  They keep track of the schemes making their way around the area and can put police and consumers on warning. The NC AG hotline is 877-5-NO-SCAM.





















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