Can You Negotiate Your Tax Preparation Fee?

10:35 AM, Jan 16, 2014   |    comments
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Whether you usually get a refund or end up owing money, chances are you spend some money to do your taxes.

The cheapest route is to do it yourself by using tax filing software. Next on the list, one of the tax preparer chains.
And then an accountant with a tax firm.
So what can you expect to pay?

The site  found the average cost of franchise taxes ran about $180 per return at Liberty Tax Service and $198 dollars at H&R Block.

When it comes to tax preparers at a firm,  2013 study by the National Society of Accountants found rates for preparing a non-itemized return was on average about $143 dollars. When you add in itemizations the fee average jumps to $246 dollars. reminds consumers that before the tax preparation begins, you have every right to ask the accountant for a price quote estimate in writing.

And remember some places will charge more on their busiest days like when W-2's are mailed out and the weeks before the April 15th deadline.

2WTK had an IRS spokesperson in this week to talk about the delay in tax return processing and ID Theft. Take a look at the story links on this page.



















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