The Style Trends You'll Be Paying For In 2014

4:16 PM, Jan 15, 2014   |    comments
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Greensboro, NC -- A new year means new trends in everything. 

Laura Redd of Laura Redd Interiors is showing us how the national trends will live on the shelves of our local stores.

"The color of the year from Pantone is Radiant Orchid. This plays more to coastal communities. But you're going to see this in stores from main items to accessories."

Because this color is predicted to NOT be the end all be all in every region, you'll notice shades of the color in many places. In our area, the brightness is toned down and more greys are added in to make it more palatable for the shoppers in this area. You're going to see this in everything from pillows to sweaters and beyond.  

The next trend change is in furniture. The bulky look is out and streamline is in. Laura sent us pictures to illustrate the difference. She says manufacturers are making the sofas or chairs smaller in seating, but the arms and cushions will look more streamlined.


It's not as easy as it sounds. If you are looking for a rug for the front door and you know it's going to take a beating, then it's fine to purchase the $25 plastic backed rug.

But if you decide to spend a little more for the nicer looking loop-type rug, be careful how you clean it. Most vacuums will actually tear the rug up versus clean it.

When you're looking for a rug as a centerpiece for your living room, dining room or bedroom, Laura says spend the extra money. The better rugs (and she tells you how to spot them) will hold up better than rugs half their price.














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