Did You Get A Jury Summons Email? Don't Believe It!

6:18 PM, Jan 9, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- We all get emails we KNOW are not real.

Like the one from the man from some foreign country who just happened to pick you to entrust his life inheritance of $10 million, especially when he asks you to wire money to him first! That's an easy one to hit the delete button.

But if you got an email telling you about a jury summons and it had the a court case number, a court room number where you're supposed to show up, you might be willing to click on the link.

Adele and Gary Gonzalez emailed 2WTK: "My husband and I are receiving e-mails with attachments stating we are summoned to appear in various courts around the US. We have not opened any of these attachments."

Good thing they didn't open the attachments or click on the links!The FBI has a warning on their website about fraudulent jury summons schemes. Unlike other schemes, this one isn't for money out right. When you click on the link malware is downloaded on the computer. Malware can damage or disable your computer.

The U.S. Courts will always notify you by USPS mail.

































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