Tech Dreams And Realities: The iphone Bangle And 4K TV.

6:29 PM, Jan 7, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- What are your dreams for 2014? For Tech expert Kent Meeker of TechScout, they all deal with, you guessed it,  technology.

Kent brought his dreams and realities for 2014 to 2WTK.

First on the list: Wearable technology. Kent says, "right now Pebble iPhone and Droid capable is on top with its smart watch that communicates with your cellphone." The big news here is the redesign that is supposed to make the Pebble more fashion forward. Kent sent 2WTK several of the images as "possibilities" as part of his research.

"The rumor-mill is strong and gadget heads everywhere are waiting for Apple to release their take on this wearable technology. Anything from the iWatch to possibly a iphone as a wearable bangle."  Kent estimated the price points for both of these at around $300 a piece and he's crossing his fingers both make an appearance in 2014.

Something that is a reality is 4K TV. "While in home 3D tv/media centers are cool 4K TV's cooler.  Imagine theater level clarity in the comfort of your own home. "

4K TV's are available now but, if you want anything above 40", you're going to pay a HEAVY price for it.  Kent says to expect this technology to blossom this year and be a front runner for your hard earned money.  (Size range from 39 inches $500 to 85 $40,000 and beyond)

Kent runs his own tech business. He brings his expertise and opinions on apps, devices, products to 2WTK. If you have a question or want to know how something tech work, you can email him:

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