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2WTK Restaurant Report Card Lesson: Proper Lighting

7:11 PM, Jan 2, 2014   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- When it comes to restaurants ... inspectors can write them up for things that you might not consider a "health code" violation. One of those is a light bulb out in the walk-in cooler. Chef and G-T-C-C culinary instructor Keith Gardiner explains why that could make you sick.

Keith says, "If one light goes out it's very hard to see and the violation is that you can't actually see the product that you need to get to. If you have a product expiration date on a product and you can't read the date properly, food might not be rotated properly so there's an issue with that."

"If you can't see in here, it's hard - you can't actually see if it is dirty to make it stay clean. You also can't see if there's maybe a spill on the floor and somebody could walk in and slip and fall and get hurt that way. So there's a lot of possibilities."

"Think about your home refrigerator and how hard it is to find something in there when that one little light goes out. Here it's multiplied by 10." 

Restaurants can lose up to one point for not keeping everything properly lit.

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