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Two Wants You To Know - Better Follow Those Return Rules

6:29 PM, Dec 23, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- It's the holidays - you have a stack of receipts. You'll find the refund rules on the back of many of them. But a lot of times return policies come with a lot of fine print ... and sometimes conflicting policies. A 2 Wants to Know viewer is wrestling that very issue -- and reached out to Call for Action for help getting her money back.

Consumer complaint in hand, Call for Action volunteer Brenda Garzia went straight to the company website. She found what the consumer saw - LifeCell's offer for an anti-aging cream of "Try it for 30 days, no money down." Brenda says, "The shipping and handling was only $4 and some change, but the product was almost $200 after 30 days which showed up on our lady's charge card."

All the way at the bottom of the web page, is the refund link which takes you to the LifeCell Return Request Form. Prominently at the top - Terms and Conditions. And the return policy: send back the cream within 30 days of the "shipping date." A rule our consumer didn't follow.

Brenda says, "I think most people don't pay any attention to it. As far as they are concerned, it's just gobbly gook and it's not what they're interested in."

Brenda looked further and at the bottom of the request form itself, there's ANOTHER refund policy. It explains the full money back guarantee lasts for four months or 120 days because results don't ways show up until then. Our consumer is just inside that window.

Brenda says, "You have to be an educated consumer to survive in this internet ordering world."

The consumer Brenda is working with is filling out the refund request form and getting all the information it requested --- invoice number, purchase date...a lot of information. And sending back the cream.

So getting money back isn't always easy-- but it can be done. Just make sure you follow their rules. Don't give a company a reason to deny your request because you didn't dot an "i". Here's a key point you should remember when returning something by mail - send it "certified mail" so you know when it arrives and who signed for it ... no dispute. 

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