Kids Want To Know: Is Mars Really A Dark Planet?

6:11 PM, Dec 20, 2013   |    comments
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Courtesy: CBS News

GREENSBORO, NC -- This week, we've seen Jupiter orbit close to our moon and we've seen our moon be full and look larger than life.

Maybe that has something to do with our Kids Want To Know question. "Hi, my name is Amare and my question, "Is Mars really a dark planet?".

To get an answers to Amare's question, we went to Roger Joyner of the Greensboro Science Center.

"Here we have a model of the planet Mars and you can see parts of it are fairly dark but still it does reflect a lot of sun light. "

In are sky the way we see it can be very, very bright but kind of depends because of  the distance between Mars and the earth varies a lot.

"Sometimes it's close to us, sometimes it's very far away from us. When it's far away yes it's fairly dark up in the sky but you can see that at times it gets very close to us. For example this year right hear the earth and Mars are going to fairly close together and it will appear much, much brighter in the sky."

In the year 2018 way over hear it's going to be even closer and it will be really, really bright up in are sky it will be one of the brightest things up in the sky, so is Mars a dark planet kind of depends on what you mean and also where it is in its orbit.

"So I would say no,  it's not really a dark planet it's just that sometimes it's darker than others."





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