2 Test: Touchscreen Gloves

6:15 PM, Dec 20, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- Smartphones are great, until you have gloves on and the gloves make working your phone look like a Larry, Moe & Curly skit.

2 Wants To Know bought three pairs of gloves from Target and asked folks at Center City Park in Greensboro to test them. This 2 Test is all done by you!

2WTK asked five people to test three pairs of gloves. We asked them to swipe, text and dial phone numbers.

The gloves ranged in price. A stretchy grey pair for $3, an animal print pair of Smartouch from Isotonoer at $19.99 and plain black Champion gloves at $15.99.

We started with the cheapest set.  Our first tester, Rachel was surprised by the look of the gloves, "Usually with these gloves you have a little sensor, but it's picking up everything." It's true, you can't tell where the fingertip sensors are on the grey gloves.

Tamyra thought it took more pressure to do the same activities, and said, "swiping is better than typing." The one man in the bunch, Tim, says it worked just fine, but he too had to press harder than with an non-gloved hand.

"Nope this one doesn't work, " said Michelle at first, but then we put the other glove on her hand and it worked! Again, there are no pads to see on the gloves, "I don't feel anything different here or see anything. One glove really did make a difference."

Onto the Isotoner gloves. For Tim, although he wasn't an animal print guy, he thought they worked just fine. The other testers, didn't seem to think so. And it could be his hands were bigger.

"It's weird, " says Rachel. "Maybe it's the size, but it's not picking up as well as the other one, but I  feel like I'm having to press down more." 

" It works, but if you don't hit the keyboard exactly on this padding, "adds Tamyra, "then it's not functional."

At number three the Champion gloves at 15.99. These gloves are black, but have silky, shiny material on the pads of the fingers.

Tim didn't think they were as good, but Rachel was a fan saying, "its  like using my own finger without anything on it."

Michelle didn't like that you had to use the pads of your fingers and not the tips. And Lynn, didn't like any of them.

The big winner in this 2 Test? The cheapest set of gloves. The $3 grey ones.

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