Lottery Letter Making The Rounds In The Triad

6:07 PM, Dec 19, 2013   |    comments
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DAVIDSON COUNTY, NC -- Viewers in the Lexington area are the latest target of schemers.  Usually, if it's in one local city,  it's headed to yours next. So don't think this doesn't apply to YOU.

The letter says you've won a lottery and there is a check. You can see both attached to this story. A viewer sent them in.
You're supposed to deposit the check and then wire the money to them to cover administration fees. This is nothing new to 2 wants to know. Anytime someone asks you to pay for your winnings and wire them money, it's a red flag.

We've talked about this type of thing as a scheme before, but we get emails about it every week. Often the person asking us about it is so desperate to believe the money is real, they want us to check it out.

It's the same every time. So remember these key points:
No one is going to give you money out of the blue.  When you win something, you shouldn't have to pay to get the prize.
When they ask you to wire money,  it's a scheme.
It doesn't matter how official it looks or if your bank will cash the check.  Don't fall for it.










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