Amazing Grace Locksmiths Court Date Continued

6:17 PM, Dec 18, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- 2 Wants To Know is not going to let this story go.  Thomas Hayes is a locksmith. It has been our experience with consumers that sometimes he does the work promised and sometimes he promises to do work, gets money from people and leaves them waiting for weeks or months.

That's where 2 wants to know comes in. We tracked Hayes down several times to get people their money back.
We came face to face with him outside of his house one morning.  We learned the Guilford County Sheriff's office wanted him for more than the consumer complaints we had.
So,  we invited deputies along.
They charged him with several counts of fraud related to another case.

Wednesday, Hayes was supposed to be in court on those charges.  But once again his case is being continued.
As of Tuesday of this week,  he hadn't named a lawyer and that stalls the case.  We will stay on top of this.

In the meantime Hayes still has a locksmiths license and can do business. He's been known to do business as Amazing Grace Locksmiths and American Locksmiths.

As with any business or person you hire for a job, check references and records and know who you're doing business with before handing over any cash or check.










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