Are You Covered? What Insurance Pays For After A Fire

7:08 PM, Dec 17, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- We're a week from Christmas and some families in Burlington are looking for a place to live.

Four units in the Trails End apartments caught fire just before 6pm Monday evening.
The fire department said the fire started because one of the residents left a pan of grease on the stove.

The flames burned straight up into the attic.
Thankfully, no one was hurt.
But the building has been condemned and the nine people who lived there are being helped by the American Red Cross.

Each circumstance is different. Because there are so many people affected this time, the Red Cross is using shelter facilities.
When it is just one family in need, the Red Cross often rents a hotel room.

2WTK what you would realistically be dealing with. We called the NC Department of Insurance.
The good news is there's no waiting period for renter's insurance.

Once you sign and pay, it's effective. If you don't have it you need it.

A regular policy, renters or homeowners, includes additional living expenses.That's the key word here --- "additional". There's no blank check or double dipping.

For example: If you're burned out of your apartment, not paying rent,  you pay for the hotel because normally you would be paying rent.

But let's say your apartment has minimal damage--but you can't stand the smoke smell.
If you're still paying rent, insurance could pick up the additional living expenses of a hotel while it's being fixed.

Same thing with food. if you're burned out of apartment and at a hotel and eating your meals out--all of it isn't covered. Again, it's additional living expenses. Insurance will figure out what you spent on groceries the last few months-- then when you submit the eating out receipts pay you the difference between the two.

One more key point, When shopping for insurance, determine what coverage you want and need, including the amounts of insurance and deductibles. Shop around to compare coverage and costs. Do not buy on price alone.






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