2WTK Solves A Tin Roof Issue With TNT Carport

6:17 PM, Dec 16, 2013   |    comments
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How frustrating. You have your receipt. You have pictures to prove what you got isn't what you paid for. And you still can't get the company to make it right. That's why a Walnut Cove couple turned to Call for Action for help.

 J. D. Rierson says, "I was sitting there watching WFMY News 2, and they come on there advertising if you have a problem you couldn't get it solved ... to call and get it solved."

J.D 's problem - a black tin roof that is black ... and grey ... and well a little lighter grey. It didn't start that way. Six years ago it was just what J.D wanted. "It was all black and it shined, and I was proud of it. It looked good, and then it went every which way," he says.

A year after he paid $1,696 for his roof, it started to fade. So he called the company, TNT Carports. J.D says, "They kept saying, 'We'll try to do something about it.' I'd talked to everybody I could talk to up there. Nobody seemed to get anything done."

The Rierson's saw the Call for Action phone bank --- made contact --- and in within a few weeks, TNT Carports was ready to make it right. Derrick Johnson, customer service manager, says, "We do like to stand behind our product no matter what and we believe we are a good company and want to keep our word."

Derrick says the company has made changes in quality control since they sold the tin to J.D six years ago. The company deals with fewer suppliers, so there is less opportunity for color mis-matches. Derrick also says it took so long for the Rierson's to get help because the company has had so many personnel changes. In fact, he's been the customer service manager for just 10 months. He says the changes in personnel and product insure a better consumer experience.



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