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Stuff It! Actually, Don't! How To Put Away Decorations

5:32 PM, Dec 13, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- Putting up and taking Christmas decorations is a full day's work! If you're like me, you took out your decorations this year and wondered, "Why did I pack this up this way?".

Laura Redd of Laura Redd Interiors has a fix.


First, stop using one big tub to cram in everything. She says smaller, easier to maneuver tubs are best. And clear! She says that way you can see what you have in there.


For those of you who do what I do and simply write what's in the box on the box and then end up crossing things out when you change your mind year after year, she says, make a list. Yes, you could tape the list on the outside of the opaque tubs, but those get ripped. If you're using a clear tub, Laura says you tape the list inside, facing out so you can easily see what is in there.

When I asked about cardboard boxes, she said they draw spiders and silverfish. Yuck!


Laura suggests sectioned out squares and the left over tissue paper from presents.

WEB EXTRA: Packing away your Fake (Forever) Tree

Laura says ditch the box your tree came in! She says you put stress on the branches and lights when you squish down the tree to make it fit in the box. Not to mention the time it takes to refluff the tree. Laura recommends buying several boxes or zippered bags and lightly pat the branches down.


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