Restrictions On Restaurant Gift Cards & How To Get Around Them

2:45 PM, Dec 10, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- It used to be gift cards had all kinds of restrictions and fees tied to time. That has changed over the years, but now there is a new restriction on restaurant gift cards. recently brought up what's called "tip tolerance".
It's a block put on some gift cards. Restaurants will decline the card if the balance isn't enough to cover the bill plus 20% gratuity.

So, if you have a $100 gift card, you might only be able to charge $80 on it for your restaurant bill.
If the bill is $84.99 the card might get declined despite the fact that there is sufficient money on it, simply because there's not enough for a 20% tip.

So how do you avoid getting declined?
Ask your server or the manager to override the block and say you will pay the remainder of the tip in cash, or another form of payment.





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