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Holiday Scheme or Surprise? Dollar Bills On Store Shelves

6:26 PM, Dec 9, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- 'Tis the season for stories of people paying for other shopper's lay-aways or picking up the tab in the drive thru.

So when an email starts circulating that shoppers are finding dollar bills on store shelves and attached is a business card for website that promises free money, you might think it's a holiday wish come true.

Kevin Hinterberger from the Greensboro Better Business Bureau says, cash on store shelves should have you asking questions!

The business card gives a website:

We took some video of it so you at home could see it. Its a lot of videos way down-- East Carolina University's Business school logo was there. 2WTK called the school and it is now gone. But other logos are there.

"On its face, it looks like a ponzi scheme to me, " says Hinterberger.  I don't see any product or service being offered. he purpose is to get more people involved to get the payout-which may or may not materialize. Either way, it sounds as if they are giving money for personal information which also doesn't sound like what consumers should do."

"Also, I find it difficult to believe that the "trial offer" is refundable. I think once your credit or debit card information is supplied there will be a whole bunch of charges coming through. Perhaps the people who have the card information will attempt to make purchases using the information the consumer has provided. Either way, it's fishy."

The Better Business Bureau has a lot of consumer helps.











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