Piedmont Parent: How to Survive Traveling With Kids

3:31 PM, Dec 6, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- Going to Grandma's house is one thing. Taking the kids is a whole other adventure. To make sure you survive the trip, Piedmont Parent's Shannon Koontz has widsom to pass long.

Just this year, Shannon took her kids on a nine-day road trip to Canada, the Catskills and Amish country. 

Let the kids have a vote in where you go

This can be their choice of side trip o attraction. Kids like to have some control fo their day and this allows them to take part in the family trip.

Consider taking grandparents/other family members

Shannon says not only is this a great memory maker but it  gives parents an occasional break from entertaining, caregiving, etc. 

Have treats!

From movies, books and travel-size snacks for the car or plane ride ready to go in their own little backpacks.  This is key that each kid has their own bag. This allows for them to pick and choose what they play with so a parent is not always involved. Also pack in some "surprises" that they get to open once an hour - these can be little dollar store gifts that you might not mind if they lose along the way. (this works at the dinner table too when adults want to be able to have their own conversations)

Kids aren't cheap. And neither is traveling with them. So Shannon has a vew ways to save.

Consider renting a home instead of a hotel

This helps with consistency too. You can cook what the kids like and it's generally cheaper.


There are lots of kids eat free on parenting websites like Piedmont Parent in other cities keep this list of which restaurants have family-friendly deals.

Look for ways to have fun that doesn't cost anything but still gives you a chance to explore go canoeing or take a hike.

Piedmont Parent has a whole section of traveling with kids.

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