Dog Complaints & Helium Balloons: What Do I Do?

6:49 PM, Dec 5, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- The 2 Wants To Know Call for Action volunteers take your calls and work your consumer complaints every week. But we get a lot of other calls. They're things you might wonder about as well, minor issues that take a few phone calls, but no real case work. We thought we would share some of the questions you've had and answers we've found that can be useful to us all. 


Loyce called about a dog problem. She said there are dogs that bark behind her house early every morning -- we're talking 5:00 am. She said she has health problems and getting rest is important, and she didn't know who to call, police or animal control, about the dogs. 

It took us a couple calls between the police and animal control to get it straight. It turns out the barking dogs are a noise ordinance issue, not an animal control issue. So it is a police complaint. but here's the thing, it's NOT a 911 call. For this type of complaint, call the police non-emergency line. In Greensboro, where Loyce lives, That number is (336) 373-2222. Press three, and then describe the problem.


Ellen contacted us asking about helium tanks. She said she got two small, supposedly disposable tanks for a party. She said Greensboro representatives told her not to put them on the curb or in the recycle bins. She also said she called D-H Griffin, who wouldn't take them either! So what should she do?

The answer is the Household Hazardous Waste Facility. They take things like those CFL light bulbs, paints, car batteries, and yes, helium tanks.  Again, since Ellen lives in Guilford County, we called the facility there. For each county facility-- you have to live in that area. 

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