Warranties And As Is Items

6:16 PM, Dec 4, 2013   |    comments
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It's one of those things you just take for granted, if you buy something, there's a warranty with it. Not so fast.

Just this week the Federal Trade Commission sent warning letters to on-line companies who didn't have their warranties posted on-line. The FTC won't reveal who the companies are-- which means you have to be extra vigilant to make sure you see and print out a warranty on whatever you buy.

This is a good time to remind you, spoken warranties are like the wind, here one minute and gone the next. The FTC site warns: "If a salesperson makes a promise orally, like the company will provide free repairs, get it in writing."

The FTC has a whole section dedicated to warranties.
One of the most misunderstood warranties is something something called an "implied warranty".

According to the FTC, every state has one and it applies to almost every purchase you make. It works like this: the seller promises that the product will do what it is supposed to do. For example, a car will run and a toaster will toast.

This warranty is good even if it doesn't come with a written warranty-- it is implied. But the warranty is null and void if the product is marked "as is"

When it's marked "as is" no warranty is given there is no expectation and you have no recourse.






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