2WTK Tells You How To Avoid Deep Frying Turkey Danger

3:26 PM, Nov 26, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- Since 2003 there have been more than 125 turkey fryer-related fires, burns, explosions, smoke inhalations, or laceration incidents reported. One of the biggest culprits - too much oil in the pot. Chef and GTCC instructor Keith Gardiner explains how to avoid the issue.

"It's hard to know how oil much to use. To figure that out, put your turkey in the pot you're going to use and then cover the turkey with water. Wherever the water comes up to is where you have to put oil. So make sure it's fully submerged and then you take the turkey out."

"Now, mark the water line is - that's the line you'll fill to with oil. It really seems like a lot less oil then you need, but that'll keep it from boiling over. The oil's way down there but that's enough to cover the whole turkey."

"If I put 'what I think' needs to be in there, it will boil over and then I've got big problems."

Keith says you deep-fry your turkey three and a half minutes minutes per pound. So the actual cooking doesn't take as long. But getting the oil hot enough is another story. Keith walks you through it in this web extra.

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