2WTK Solves Viewer Problem with Coggins Marble and Granite

3:23 PM, Nov 26, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- When you pay for something and the company doesn't make good on the deal, it's frustrating. When you lose a loved one and you pay for their grave marker - and it's still not there a year later - it's devastating. So when our Call For Action team got the call from a viewer in midst of a grave marker mess, they immediately started working to see what they could do.

Cindy Heaton knows her cousin's grave is next to his brother's...she just not sure ..... which side. "Carl would not be happy with the way things have gone."

Cindy put $560 down on an $1100 grave marker. Her check  to Coggins Marble and Granite Company is dated February 7. The company said it would be ready in about three months. But come May, Cindy says, "He kept who-ha-ing around saying the rain the weather. This and that."

Then came June.....July. No marker. Then August, September, and October.  Still no memorial marker. She finally told Coggins Marble, "All I want is my money back. And if it comes to calling news 2, well I'll do it."

And she did. Call for Action reached Mr. Coggins on November 6th. He told us he had just put Cindy's check in the mail the day before. But it was dated and postmarked the 6th, the day we called and Cindy believes our call made a difference.

"If your contracts up in 12 to 14 weeks like he puts in it, you still have nothing, get in touch with WFMY News 2," says Cindy.

Cindy helped us close her case because she had her contract and sent it to us quickly. We and you always need documentation when you're having a problem with a company.

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