Surviving Black Friday Shopping Without Throwing Elbows!

6:24 PM, Nov 25, 2013   |    comments
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GREENSBORO, NC -- If you've never been in the middle of black friday shopping in the Triad, take a look at the attached video. It is wall to wall people. The video attached was taken at the Hanes Mall.

Black Friday shopping with it's crowds and early hours can be fun and frantic. But when does it turn dangerous?

Blanca Cobb, a body language expert says there are non-verbal signs a fellow shopper is about to turn violent.

Face changes colors from red to pale: Faces tend to redden when agitated, but the color can quickly drain with rage. The release of adrenaline and noradrenaline cause the color change. Watch out if you see this happening

Rapid breathing and flaring nostrils: When the body's oxygen level is depleted then people breathe faster and stronger to take in more oxygen, which is needed for fighting or fleeing

Blinking Rates:  How they're blinking could give you clues to what is going and they're blink rates either increase or decrease significantly when under duress. People generally blink 20 seconds per minute. When you see super fast eye blinking as quickly as the wings of a hummingbird then be weary. Or, if you see really slow eye blinks as slowly as water dripping from a faucet then stand back. Someone with a slow eye blinking will have a vacant stare like no one's home. They temporarily check out from reality while subconsciously making their decision to strike. Watch out or bam, you're the one seeing stars

Stance: People will take a step back with one foot behind them and have their torso facing you. You may see some swaying from side to side or slight bouncing on their feet. They're psyching themselves to throw a blow.


1) How to handle the "put-downer?"


You have a family member who walks up to you when you're sitting at the table talking with someone. This person tends to talk down to you, both figuratively and literally. Let's say he asks you in front of everyone about the job you didn't get. You're feeling embarrassed and hot under the collar. How do you handle this situation? Before you say a word, level the playing field by physically standing up next this person. By doing so you're shifting your authority and power by looking eye to eye with this person. This simple move changes the energy of the conversation.


2) How to handle your own insecurities?


You're a quiet person with an easy disposition, which is part of your charm. However, you tend to be a pushover because you go with the flow and not make any waves in the sea of your opinionated family. The heated exchanges can make you a bit uncomfortable. How do you handle such a crowd? By faking it. Sometimes you gotta fake it before you make it. Let's say you're standing with some family members who are having a lively discussion. You notice the energy getting stronger and you'd normally walk away from the group. Usually, when you do this someone takes a verbal jab at you. What do you do? Stand with the group and take up physical space. Lean your hand against the wall and stand about 1 to 2 feet away from the wall. Or, frame yourself within the door frame. Or, if you're sitting, place your legs in a figure four with one foot resting on the opposite leg's knee. The point is to find a way to take up space. When you do, you increase your testosterone levels and decrease your cortisol levels, which will give you more confidence in handling the family chaos. 


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