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Kids Put Some Top Toys To The Test

2:36 PM, Nov 25, 2013   |    comments
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ST. PAUL, MN -- It's not even Thanksgiving but your kids are probably already making their Christmas "Wish Lists". There are plenty of hot new toys this year but which ones are worth your money? Our news partners at KARE put them to the ultimate test.

They combed through the websites of Target, Walmart and Toys R Us looking for the hottest toys of the season. They even asked for viewer thoughts on Facebook. They came up with six toys and took them to Ms. Toussaint's kindergarten class at Obama Elementary in St. Paul.

They set the kids loose...and they loved it. "Is there anything you didn't like?" I asked. "No!" they said. We decided to dig a little deeper.

First up: Disney's Doc McStuffins Feel Better Check Up Center for $64.99. It was definitely more popular with the girls, but the boys did stop by to see what all the fuss was about. This toy is more about imagination and role play and often lost the kids attention. It took a lot of assembly and isn't super sturdy, but certainly adorable.

Those pizza-eating Ninja Turtles are still popular with the kids and the remote control Shell Raiser is all the ninja fun you'd expect. Much less imagination here, but when you can shoot sewer covers at your enemies, well, that's just cool. The kids loved every minute of it, but it's not cheap, and it takes a lot of batteries. They found Shell Raiser for $44.99

Talk about a blast from the past! It's a new generation Furby. This one plays with a free app that you download on your smart phone or tablet. Both boys and girls were interested but it had nothing to do with the fuzzy toy.

"Manipulating the iPad is something they love not necessarily the Furby piece of it," said Ms. Toussaint.

Furby's pricetag was less than cute at $54.00 and it literally never stops talking.

They picked Rainbow Loom because it's all the rage with kids these days, but the complexity was lost on our kindergarteners. To be fair, the box does say 8 years and above. For $16.99, we say you can't go wrong with this one, just make sure it's age appropriate.

By far the favorite toy among boys and girls was the Flutterbye Fairy. The doll is supposed to float from her base and magically flutter through the air with the wave of your hand. Easier said than done. It crashed every time, got stuck up on a shelf once and even had to take a time out to recharge at one point. All that said, the fancy fairy was just $27.99, and the kids didn't seem to mind one bit that they couldn't control it.

The final toy was the teacher's favorite. The LeapFrog Leap Pad Ultra is both educational and fun. The kids never put it down, again it's that technology that draws them in, but the drawback is the price. It's a whopping $149.99. At that price, Ms. Toussaint says she's not buying.

"I definitely think that is more than I would choose to spend," she said.

There you go. Six Toys. Hundreds of dollars. One day of fun at Barack and Michelle Obama Elementary in St. Paul...priceless.

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