2 Test: eKlenz

5:09 PM, Nov 22, 2013   |    comments
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ATLANTA, GA -- eKlenz promises to clean one of the most handled products in your house: your remote control! Karyn Greer with our sister station WXIA put E-Klenz to the 2-test.

Angie Ballenger is a mom who constantly struggles to clean and sterilize items her child comes in contact with.

"I took Lysol up in the child play area and sprayed and wiped down the slides," she says. "I was out of control."

However, there are certain items many people forget to clean, namely telephones and remote controls.

So Angie is excited to try eKlenz, a sponge with groves made specifically for cleaning remotes.

First, Angie pushes on the product's package to move the cleaning solution around. Then she opens the package and uses the sponge on her remote control.

After using eKlenz, Angie sees a clear difference in the remote's appearance. She also notices dirt and grime on the sponge.

Unfortunately, the product can only be used one time -- and at $5 for 10 sponges, it can get expensive.

"I think you'd also be paying for convenience," Angie says.

Despite the price, she thinks it's a better option than cleaning her remotes with wipes or cotton swabs.

"I really do think the little sponges make a difference." she says.

So it's no surprise that Angie gives eKlenz two thumbs up.


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